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The government has announced that we can reopen on Saturday, 5th of June! After more than five months of our doors being closed, we are beyond grateful to announce that we will be reopening and welcoming our CORE40 family back in the studio.

If you’re on an autopay membership, your package has automatically been unsuspended and you are all set to start booking classes. For those who were on an intro package, your expiration date has been extended to wherever you left off, so you’re also able to reserve your spot.

We know we’ll all come back stronger than ever, and we are incredibly grateful to have you in our community. And remember, together we rise.


  • All high traffic surfaces will be sanitized regularly with electrostatic disinfectant, which is proven to kill COVID-19 in 60 seconds. Surfaces include (but not limited to): Megaformers, door knobs, restrooms, handrails, benches, computer screens, instructor iPad, and sound system rack. 
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be readily available. 
  • All classes must be reserved in advance. Upon reserving a class, clients will receive an email with specific health questions provided by the NL Actief Association. If one of the questions is answered “yes” then the reservation must be cancelled by the client. 
  • Instructors will also receive the health questions before teaching. If they answered “yes”, they will not be permitted to work until they are cleared by a health professional. 
  • Clients and CORE40 team members will be required to wear grip socks when entering, and for the duration of time spent inside the studio. You can bring socks from home, or grip socks can be purchased at the studio.
  • Before check-in, all clients are required to sanitize their hands with the studio hand sanitizer. 
  • When entering the studio, clients must keep a 1.5m distance from one another and from CORE40 team members. Markings will be placed on the floors to ensure distance is kept. 
  • In order to keep distance, changing rooms and bathroom access will be limited. 
  • All CORE40 team members will refrain from giving any hands-on adjustments. 
  • We will ensure that the studio is well-ventilated with as much fresh air as possible. 
  • All Megaformer machines are spaced such that all clients meet the 1.5m distance required to ensure your safety. 
  • Clients will be asked to leave the studio as soon as soon as possible after their session is over. Clients arriving for the next class should keep their 1.5m distance while waiting to begin their session. 
  • We increased our daily sanitization protocols and standards for our CORE40 Cleaning Crew to follow.

Yes, you can transfer unused credit towards an in-studio purchase. Please email us to do so (connect@core40.nl).

You can start booking with your membership now.

We’ve got you covered on the backend, so you’ll be able to book any unused classes when we reopen. Your autopay membership was frozen for the duration of the shutdown period. All other expiration dates for packages will be extended, so you’ll be able to start wherever you left off in your intro month, or class package.

We are sorry to see you go and we’re of course happy to extend your expiration dates to give you time to see if you change your mind. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds at this time but we can transfer those credits to another client. Please email us if you would like us to transfer your classes to another client.

Yes, we understand! Your account will be unfrozen upon our reopening, unless you email us to let us know you would like to extend the freeze.

Because of the various circumstances, we cannot guarantee that every coach will come back to teaching. Upon reopening, please reference the schedule for a full list of coaches who will be returning.

CORE40 Amsterdam

CORE40 Amsterdam