At CORE40, fitness is our vehicle for personal transformation. We aspire to help you live an elevated life experience that is genuine, supportive, and heart-centered. We are committed to seeing you through your fitness journey, and celebrating you as you achieve improvement in every aspect of your life.

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Go Unlimited, You’ll Get More Results And Pay Less

We know the pain of signing up for a typical gym membership – you pay your monthly fee, only to wait in line for overused and unsanitized gym equipment that you’re not really sure how to operate in the first place. A few months and a few hundred dollars later, you haven’t gotten the physical results you wanted, and you find yourself with more reasons to skip the gym all-together.

In our small-group and personalized classes, we’ve paired the most effective workout imaginable with a team of top-notch fitness coaches and the ultimate VIP experience. Not only will you see and feel exceptional results, you’ll stay motivated to keep coming back month after month.

For only €199 a month and with regular practice at CORE40, you’ll continue getting these benefits:

  • A strong community of expert fitness coaches (ready to teach to all fitness levels)
  • Improved strength, balance, & flexibility (with very little impact on your joints)
  • Increased confidence & endorphin levels
  • Better sleep & posture
  • A more calm and focused mind
  • Weight loss (if applicable)
  • Core-focused strength (excellent for everyday physical functioning and other fitness pursuits, as well as rehabilitation after an injury)

Unlike a gym, we guarantee you’ll experience results within 30 days (attending at least 3 times per week). If you’re not happy, we’ll give you your money back and we’ll cancel your contract on-the-spot.


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Ariana P. says:

“I LOVE CORE40 – it’s changed my life and how I work out. I never thought I’d be a morning workout person but I’ve been doing the 6am core40 ramped classes for weeks now and I love it. I love that it’s only 40 minutes but packed with intensity.

I have a tendency to shy away from workout classes because it seems too drawn out and I tend to get bored pretty easily. The 40 minute cadence and pacing of this class is just PERFECT.”

Sophie C. says:

“I’ve only been to CORE40 a few times and I’m already hooked. The machines can seem kind of intimidating, but the staff is always more than happy to explain the machines and what each part is for. The studio is always well kept, with nice bathrooms, cubbies, etc.

The workouts kick my butt in the best possible way, and I have already noticed myself becoming stronger! I’m sure I’ll be back many more times!”

CORE40 Amsterdam

CORE40 Amsterdam