At CORE40, fitness is our vehicle for personal transformation. We aspire to help you live an elevated life experience that is genuine, supportive, and heart-centered. We are committed to seeing you through your fitness journey, and celebrating you as you achieve improvement in every aspect of your life.

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While some have described CORE40® as “Pilates on crack”, CORE40® is not Pilates. Rather, it is a fusion of many of the core-focused fundamentals of traditional Pilates, blended with circuit training, strength training and cardio, all performed on revolutionary, state-of-the-art equipment known as the Megaformers, which were created by fitness guru Sebastien Lagree. CORE40® uses the renowned Lagree Fitness method, and it is an unparalleled full-body workout. It strengthens, tightens and tones the entire body quickly and safely, leaving the body lean, lithe and resistant to the stresses of everyday life. Evolve beyond Pilates. Try a class today.

We recommend taking a regular group class (Foundation if possible).  All of our instructors are trained to give hands on adjustments and form modifications as needed. The classes are on the smaller side, so you will still get personalized attention.

Private sessions are on an availability basis only, so it can sometimes take up to 30 days to schedule one.

Should you decide that a private session is the best option for you, please email some days/times/studios that will work for you that are also outside of our class times. The cost is €90 per session.

Please arrive to the studio 10 minutes early. The instructor will give you a run-down of the machine and answer any questions you might have. If you are a new client and do not arrive at least 5 minutes before the class start time, unfortunately you will not be permitted to take your scheduled class. This policy is to ensure your safety and enjoyment!

Just about anyone. Sessions are suited for people of all levels of fitness as you can push yourself as hard as you like, or take things at your own pace, on your machine. If you have any medical conditions, please make sure you have doctor approval first.

The workout is designed to work your body to muscle fatigue, at which point you will need to rest and recover. Depending on your own personal fitness level and the intensity of your workout, you will need more or less time to recover. We believe that 3-4 times a week (every other day) is ideal to allow your body proper recover time; however, some clients love the workout so much that they come in 5 or more times a week! The key is to listen to your body and find a routine that works best for you.

Sign up is easy! Go to the “Book a Class” button on the top right of our website where you’ll be redirected to the studio page with a class schedule. Select the class you want to book for and follow the instructions to complete the reservation. If you forget your password or need more information, you can always email us at and we are happy to assist you! It is always best to reserve your sessions online to guarantee you have a machine available.

We have an expiration date in place because our Mindbody software system requires us to set an expiration date on packages. We also hope the expiration date encourages you to use the classes because of the amazing benefits of regular CORE40 attendance. That said, those are YOUR classes, to use at your pace. Just email us at if you need an extension of the expiration date on your package. And please note that this does not apply to our monthly passes, where classes must be used within the month the package is activated.

Should the contract be canceled prior to fulfilling the minimum commitment, an early termination fee equal to the difference between the regular package price and the discounted contract price will apply for all completed payments at the time of cancellation.

Due to the limited number of spaces available in each session, CORE40® clients must be accountable for their reservations and we must have a cancellation policy. After reviewing the policies of similar studios, many of which have 24 hour policies to cancel a class, we have come up with what we believe is the fairest and most reasonable cancellation policy in the industry. You must cancel your session with at least 12 hours notice to avoid a cancellation or no show penalty. Clients with packages and limited autopay contracts will lose that session from their package. Clients with unlimited packages will be charged. A Late Cancel charge of €15 will occur if you cancel within 12 hours of class start time. A No Show charge of €25 will occur if you are signed up for a class and do not attend.

Yes! It is very important to arrive on time, to respect other clients and your instructor. Very often when classes are full, clients will drop in to see if someone doesn’t show up, allowing them a space in an otherwise full session. If you arrive late and are not present when the instructor begins the session, your space may be given to someone who is waiting. There is no grace period in this situation. Once class has started and your space has been given to a waiting client, it is too disruptive to ask the drop-in client to get off the machine so the late client can get on. To avoid this situation, please arrive at least 10 minutes before class. We realize that life happens, but please do your best to plan for traffic, parking, etc. so you are not disappointed when you arrive late and someone else is in the space you reserved. The good news is, if you are late and your reserved space is given to a drop-in client, we will not charge you and you will keep your session credit to use another time.

Absolutely, and we recommend doing this! Not only will you have better luck getting into a session, it also helps us know where we need to add classes. Get on the list by clicking “Sign Up Now!” Then check for an email from CORE40™ that tells you when you get in and you are automatically confirmed into the class – there is no need to reply. Wait lists close 13 hours before class start time, allowing you time to cancel your reservation without penalty if your plans have changed and you can no longer attend class. Remember, you are responsible for taking yourself off any waitlists or canceling any successful waitlist reservations if your plans have changed, or you will be subject to our cancellation policy. Within that 13 hour window, feel free to grab any opening without having to be on the wait list.

Out of respect to all our clients, where some may have allergies to dogs and/or cats, and for hygiene purposes, we have a no pet policy inside our studios.

  • For safety reasons, we recommend that clients wear non-slip tread socks during sessions. They are available for purchase at the studios. No shoes are needed for CORE40® sessions, and shoes are not permitted on the machines. Grip socks are for sale at the studio.
  • Bring a hand towel and/or a bath towel if you would like to shower. CORE40 is an eco-conscious organization and we do not provide towel service due to the water and energy wastage it creates. Bath towels are for sale at the studio – all profits from bath towels are donated to organizations working to improve and sustain the health of our precious planet.
  • We have a water dispenser, so please bring a water bottle to refill. We sell CORE40 water bottles at the studio.
  • Wear comfortable clothes you can easily move in, much like you would for a yoga class.
  • Jewelry is NOT a good idea.
  • No strong perfumes or body products as some clients are allergic.
  • Although we provide lockers at the studios for personal belongings, consider leaving valuables at home.
CORE40 Amsterdam

CORE40 Amsterdam